Do You Need to Supplement?

In an ideal world you would not need to take additional supplements provided:

  • You are eating an organic balanced diet, free of chemicals, flavorings, sweeteners, preservatives, pesticides and grown or raised in soil that had not been depleted of essential minerals and micronutrients.
  • If your digestive system could extract all the nutrients your body requires and could prevent heavy metals, toxins and micro-organisms from entering your body and disrupting your natural self-regulating function.
  • You have been blessed with genes that are functioning 100% effectively and can convert the nutrients and sunlight into what your body and brain requires.
  • Your elimination of toxins through your liver, kidneys, perspiration, and stool was functioning perfectly.
  • You were not bombarded by pollution (chemical as well as electromagnetic) that disrupts our physiological function at cellular level.
  • You did not suffer from excessive stress, had enough quality sleep to help rejuvenate your body and regularly exercised.
  • You were mostly inflammation free and if living did not generate free radicals as part of being alive.
  • You were not aging, as we age our biological systems become less effective.

The supplement industry is a multi-billion-dollar unregulated industry. There is much advertising and hype to get people to consume supplements. We do not prescribe to this philosophy.

If you are taking supplements that you do not need, at best you are wasting your money. At worst you are poisoning yourself.

It is important to take only supplements that your body requires. These deficiencies can only be established through laboratory testing by your healthcare provider.

We stock supplements and nutritional products that can be taken – in place of / or in combination with medication – to promote healing and to enhance your energy, immune system.