Hennie Palm is a Functional Health, Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology Practitioner in private practice in Kloof outside Durban. He practiced as a clinical psychologist for many years – and became convinced that the narrow focus of healing disciplines in their search for a single cause for a reduction in quality of life by chronic dis-ease states was no longer appropriate. Because of the development of “systems thinking” and his own scientific background he reached out to a discipline that looks at the “entire person within their social and physical contexts” and to address as many dysfunctional influences as possible to restore harmony and health. His interest is to assist you to achieve mind/body balance to allow your body to  CURE and not  merely to alleviate the symptoms of dis-ease.

He qualified in Integrative or Functional Health at the Institute for Integrative Medicine (USA) where he then earned the Fellowship in Cardio-Metabolic Health and finally trained in Functional Health at the world renowned A4M in the USA.

His interests lie in scientifically validated interventions that emphasize healthy lifestyle, nutrition, exercise and establishing balance amongst body and brain/mind systems. While traditional medicine has a very important role to play it does not live up to expectations for treating chronic dis-ease such as depression, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndromes, irritable bowel syndrome, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, auto-immune disease such as arthritis, and dis-eases brought on by the aging process such as menopause and andropause.