Functional or Integrative Health Care

Functional health is science-based healthcare that treats illness and promotes wellness by focusing on the unique aspects of each patient and employing individual tailored interventions to restore a physiological, psychological, lifestyle and structural balance.

Key Components of Functional Health

Biological Individuality – what works on one patient may be ineffective for others.

Interconnectedness of organ function – chronic illnesses often comprise multiple organ systems and are only resolved as a complex system. Working on digestion, for example, without working on detoxification or immunity may be ineffective.

Patient centered approach – by treating the individual, with knowledge of their specific history, genetic makeup, hormones, and lifestyle, we can tailor more accurate and effective interventions.

I view health and disease as a continuum – health is a relative state, with illness, dis-ease, and death at one end and health and vitality at the other. By understanding that most systems operate somewhere between dysfunctional and optimal levels, we judge health as an interconnected physiological process.

Functional or integrative health has become the primary frameworks by which we deliver health services. My challenge is to develop the most accurate, insightful diagnosis possible and work with the patient to implement a solution in multiple lifestyle and organ systems to address the cause, rather than the symptoms of dis-ease.